Recognition of ESports and Game Developers

The Big Business of Twitch
You cannot simply jump over the fact esports is going to stay and grow. The esports community may be witnessing incremental numbers since past decade. An authentic phenomenon, esports is set to grow in popularity and commercial viability. This genre of sports has fans operating in to millions from worldwide. In countries including South Korea, esports players or pro-gamers are icons similar to a movie star. Pro-gamers are now hired and therefore are often paid in six digits.
The Big Business of Twitch
Coming from a business and cultural perspective, you’d probably notice that biggest game developers are already slow in promoting and tapping the esports. They have been late in recognizing the strength of such sports. It appears that the strategic apex of such companies did not consider an eventuality where millions would log-in to esports streaming and watch a DOTA or StarCraft II tournament or that thousands would throng in arenas and convention centers to watch games.

However, organizations and their apex, such as that of MLG or GOMTV did realize the potential of increase in esports. They have been constantly adjusting to changing environment of esports scene. The present event held at Anaheim by MLG was obviously a surprise for its own President. He didn’t expect the event to become another record breaker in esports history so quickly. You might say, you would notice that MLG has recently developed a certain core competence in managing such events and making the most of them and is prior to the game developers whose games they profit from.

You cannot be wrong in the event you say that game developers were really slow to respond to esports community in the beginning. They did provide tools to vary maps and network mechanisms for esports to happen in LANs and over internet, nonetheless they lacked in all out support because of it. Most of the advances in esports gaming was initiated with the esports community itself through developing maps and finding software that helped esport operate correctly over internet.

In the AMA held by Blizzard the state stated that the company did not view esports as €a primary revenue driver€. This minute statement itself speaks volumes. The most important companies are still cautious in lending full-scale support to esports gaming. Though it may be the very same epsort community that drives the sales of such companies and gives their games the due popularity they deserve. However, scene is changing from developers standpoint. DOTA 2 is an example of it. Although slow, but times ahead odor of a great time for esports.

Recognition of ESports and Game Developers

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